General Questions

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is a system where individuals have access to a network of vehicles for short-term rental. You can view where cars are located and make reservations in a few simple steps using the ZEV co-op carsharing app.

Where are ZEV co-op vehicles located?

ZEV co-op recently launched service and has vehicles at the following locations:

  • Jefferson Chamber of Commerce – Port Townsend
  • Olympic Community Action Program (7th Haven) – Port Townsend
  • Bainbridge Island City Hall – Bainbridge Island
  • Estelita’s Library – Seattle Central District
  • Plaza North Parking Garage – Tacoma
  • Salishan Neighborhood – Tacoma
  • Neighborhood House- West Seattle

What are the driver qualifications and requirements?

ZEV co-op drivers must be 21 or older, no older than 79, with a valid US driver’s license. All drivers must also pass a Motor Vehicle Record check (MVR). In the past 3 years, should have
no more than 2 at fault accidents, 3 minor moving violations, 4 non-moving violations, or a combination of the above. Drivers should also have zero (0) major moving violations in the past
4 years.

In addition, all drivers are required to agree to ZEV co-op’s terms and conditions and complete a 15-20 minute orientation before they can operate a vehicle.

At what times during the day are vehicles available?

Our vehicles are available for use day or night, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. However, there are many other participants, so you must reserve the vehicle in advance to ensure it will
be available when you need it.

What kinds of vehicles are available through ZEV co-op?

ZEV co-op only operates electric vehicles that produce zero-emissions. ZEV co-op currently provides Chevrolet Bolt EVs & EUVs as well as Maxwell ProMaster passenger vans equipped with wheelchair lifts.

How do I contact customer service?

Phone: 833-387-4273 / Email:

Customer Service business hours are 8:00AM-5:00PM PST Monday-Friday. Please call during business hours for emergency services AND non-emergency questions (such as billing, service inquiries, applying promo codes, etc).

You may also contact customer service via email for non-essential inquiries. If there is an emergency, please contact 911.

Sign Up & Orientation Questions:

Can we do group sign ups when going through orientation?

Yes, it is possible to do a group orientation. Please contact us by email so that we can reserve the time.

How do I get approved to use a vehicle?

Meet eligibility Undergo Motor Vehicle Record check Have a valid payment method Agree to the Co-op’s terms and conditions Complete orientation.

When will my driver account be approved?

It can take 3-5 business days for your basic driver application to be processed. The timing of the approval depends on when the driver schedules their orientation and completes their paperwork. We recommend signing up well before you plan to take your first trip.

Vehicle Operation Questions

How many miles can I drive in the vehicle?

Each reservation includes 150 miles. For each mile driven beyond 150 miles, you will be charged $0.45/mile.

Does ZEV rent or reserve attachments like racks and car seats when someone reserves the car?

ZEV does not provide additional driving attachments or equipment, such as child seats or sporting racks. Some of our Chevy Bolt EUVs have crossbars, but we currently do not
offer racks.

Do I have to plug the vehicle into the charger when I return it?

Yes, you must plug the vehicle into the ZEV co-op charger that is located at the dedicated carshare parking space. The charging is provided free of charge. The charging session is
activated with an RFID card that is located inside the glovebox of the vehicle. If you do not plug the vehicle back in after use, you will be charged a penalty.

Is there additional security to ensure the car is not stolen or broken into?

Yes. There is an alarm that the vehicles have and a function that will shut the vehicle down that we control remotely.

During extremely cold conditions, will the car be okay to drive?

Our electric vehicles are okay to drive in the winter; however, drivers should be aware of heavy battery usage activities such as using the heater on high. Additionally, both the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV are front wheel drive only. We do not advise operating our vehicles in snow or icy conditions.

What if I lose access to my smartphone or lose cell service, will I still be able to access the vehicle?

Each ZEV co-op vehicle is equipped with RFID cards, which can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle instead of a smartphone. If you are planning on traveling to an area without cellular service, please ensure that you have your RFID card with you and are prepared to unlock and
lock the vehicle without your app.

Where do I return the vehicle?

All drivers must start and end their trips at the same location. This is referred to as station-based carsharing.

Can I return the vehicle with less than a full charge on the battery?

Participants must return all vehicles with at least 50% state of charge on the battery. If you return a vehicle with less than 50% state of charge, a penalty will be assessed.

How do I unlock the vehicle?

You can unlock your reserved vehicle via your smartphone with the ZEV co-op app. You do not need a key.

Reservation Questions

How long can I use the vehicle?

Reservations are limited to 7 days.

Can I extend my reservation?

You may extend your reservation on the smartphone app or by using the website portal. If the car hasn’t already been booked by another driver, you will be able to extend the reservation and keep the car longer. If you cannot extend, you are responsible for bringing the vehicle back in your original reservation window.

What if I am late bringing the car back?

If you are unable to extend your reservation, please call 833-387-4273. A Customer Experience representative will work with you to try and manage the situation. Please keep in mind if you are late returning a vehicle, it is likely to impact the next participant with a reservation after you.
There is a fee for returning a vehicle late.

Can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel up to 3 hours before your trip. Within 3 hours, you will be charged the entire cost of your reservation.


What's included in the hourly rate?

Insurance, vehicle maintenance, charging at the home station (where you picked the vehicle up from), and roadside assistance are all included in the ZEV co-op carshare program.

What is not included in the hourly rate?

Taxes, tolls, and any parking or driving tickets issued to you during your reservation will be passed on to you. Charging the vehicle at a station other than the home station is at your own

Is there a way to reduce the deductible cost?

Yes, ZEV co-op has a damage pool that participants can pay into in order to eliminate the deductible cost. Please contact a Customer Experience representative for more information on
this program.

What does is cost?

You can view ZEV co-op’s rates and rules here.

Can I charge the vehicle at other charging stations?

Yes, our vehicles can be charged via any charging network as long as the charging station has the appropriate J1772 CCS/Combo connector. Drivers are responsible for the cost of using a non-ZEV co-op charging station. Please remember that not all chargers are compatible with our vehicles. Our vehicles require a J1772 CCS/Combo connector.

Troubleshooting & Urgent Questions

What if there are cars already parked in all the ZEV co-op designated parking spaces when I return the car?

This is rare, but if this happens please call us immediately at 833-387-4273 and we’ll help you find the closest open spot.

What if I am in an accident?

Call 911 just as you would for any car accident or fender bender. Make sure everyone involved is safe and being cared for. Then call a Customer Experience Representative at 833-387-4273. You must contact a Customer Experience Representative before continuing your trip (and in the majority of cases we will require you to wait and obtain a police report).

What if my vehicle is not fully charged when I pick it up?

All vehicles must have at least a 50% state of charge when returned and we aspire to have all vehicles at 85% state of charge at the beginning of your reservation. If your vehicle does not have at least 50% state of charge at the time you start your reservation, please contact Customer Experience at 833-387-4273.

What if I leave a personal item in the carshare vehicle after I’ve finished my rental?

There is a Lost Property section in the ZEV co-op app under Help & Support. Or call Customer Service at 833-387-4273 and we will identify a solution.

What do I do if I get a parking ticket?

All tickets must be paid by the driver. An additional fee will be assessed by ZEV co-op if a ticket is not resolved within 30 days.

Can I use any charging network to charge the vehicle during my trip?

Yes, as long as the charger you use has the appropriate CCS/Combo connector. However, the driver will be responsible for the cost of using a non-ZEV co-op charging station. Please
remember that not all chargers are compatible with our vehicles. Our vehicles require a J1772 CCS/Combo connector.

Policy Questions

How does ZEV co-op insurance coverage work?

All drivers are covered under ZEV co-op's insurance policy. In the case of an accident or damage to the vehicle, drivers will be responsible for the insurance deductible. The deductible is $500. Please be aware, if the driver is negligent or operates a ZEV co-op vehicle in a reckless manner – they may be responsible for the entire amount of the vehicle damage.

Can I take a ZEV co-op vehicle out of Washington?

Yes. Our normal operating area includes Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Trips outside of these states must be reported to ZEV co-op and specifically approved in advance. Please contact a customer experience representative if you have any questions or are seeking approval to travel outside of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

All ZEV co-op vehicles are non-smoking and non-vaping. Evidence of smoking in a vehicle (odor or residue from butts or ashes) will result in a $250 penalty. Repeated violations of this rule will result in termination of your access to the ZEV co-op carshare program.

Can someone else drive the car?

No, absolutely not. Only a driver with an approved and active ZEV co-op account can drive our vehicles.

Can I bring a pet in the vehicle?

We love them too, but sorry, no pets are allowed in ZEV co-op vehicles. There is a $250 penalty if you bring a pet into a ZEV co-op vehicle. If you have a service animal, please contact Customer Experience to learn about our accommodation process.

What activities can't ZEV co-op carshare vehicles be used for?

You can’t use ZEV co-op for the following:

  • Transporting passengers for hire
  • Transporting any goods (or cargo) for hire for a fee
  • Any illegal activity
  • Transporting pets or wildlife.

Membership Questions

What does it mean to be a Participant in the ZEV co-op carshare program?

Everyone who is approved to use the ZEV co-op carshare program is a “Participant.” You have the option to access the program as a Subscriber (month to month) or as a Member of the Co-op (one time membership fee).

Do I have to become a Member of the Co-op to drive its vehicles?

No. We have a month-to-month subscription program for Basic Drivers who are not yet ready to join the Co-op as a Member. Join here!

What does it mean to become a Member of ZEV co-op?

A Member is an individual or organization that has ownership in the Co-op. Members pay a one-time fee, and enjoy the best rates, use dividends, and special promotions.

When can I become a Member of ZEV co-op?

Membership in the Co-op is scheduled to open up in the near future. In the meantime, all Participants will enjoy special introductory rates.

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